____Kontor - Exportlager

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Kontor - Das Exportlager (The Export Warehouse)
for 2 players

Place the card in between the players beside the playingfield. Now every player has a Exportlager (which points on him).

The game
Play with the original Kontor rules with the following additions. If a player places a harbour card he can:
- place the warehouses as usually or
- place one warehouse in his Exportlager on the field of the same color.
Has the card more than one good the other warehouses must be placed as usally.
If the ship affects a card and the affected player has no warehouse of that color in the district, he must take it out of his Exportlager. Only in the situation a player is allowed to remove a warehouse out of the Exportlager.

Game end
When the game ends the warehouses in both Exportlager must be compared. Color by color.
For every majority in a color the leading player gets an extra winning point. If no one has a majority no one gets a winning point for that color.

This variant can be combined with other variants.

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